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Nov 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
service women are suing the defense department saying the ban on women serving in combat is unconstitutional. aclu filed the suit today in federal court in san francisco. the suit claims that women are in fact engageing in combat but that the government turns a blind eye to that. lp more tonight from 7 news reporter vick lee. >> ground combat fire for 20 minutes from the enemy. >>reporter: major mary jennings is a combat search and rescue pilot in the army national guard. she received a purple heart for injuries sustained when the chopper was hit by ground fire. >> i received shrapnel wound through my face and arms and burn on my back. >>reporter: staff sergeant jennifer hunt has been an army reservist for a decade. she received injuries in iraq when the humvee hit by aneurysm ed. all 4 service women who filed suit had combat experience despite the defense department policy. all tours in iraq and afghanistan. they say in modern war fare the front-line is everywhere. >> every time a william or any service member sets foot into iraq or afghanistan they are the serving
Nov 22, 2012 9:00pm PST
after he went to her defense. at one point doctors said his brain wound was so severe they gave him only a 25% chance of livin living. he was in a mel medically induced coma for almost a month. but the young man was fighting silently for his life. he was making small but significant victories. 4 days ago as they took his breathing tube off his mouth, he uttered his first words. >> i went in there and i told him could you say hi mom and he said hi mom. and that was brought me to tears. >>reporter: benjamin transferred to uc san francisco yesterday. then today another giant step. . young man took his first step. his nurse calls it miraculous. >> very amazing. pretty rare. he's pretty good fighter i think. >> are you ready to come home soon? get your nice cozy bed. >>reporter: his close knit family enjoys tender moment optimistic he will recover fully. >> everyone said they missouri smile. >> we sold your truck. >>reporter: he's now even able to smile at his brother's joke. >> look at him now. that's the good part. he made it. he's strong. >> he's a miracle. definitely
Nov 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
at treasury. >> carmel native also planning on lethal his pobl post as secretary of defense. the first woman in that job if she gets the nod but senator john kerry already considered tuberculosis a front runner. bay area member of the president can net to speck wit with. steve chu is also expected to step down and if he does, about former state controller steve wesley gets a nod. he was considered for a cup net post. first tomorrow. abc debt yad. >> he will run for secretary of state. made announcement on twitter space book pages. he will be trimmed out in 2014. if elected he hopes to expand california on line voser region strition president obama to on line voting program. he began the political career as san francisco school board member in 1988. he was san francisco supervisor and state assemblyman. >>> to health news. smoke is terrible for you. but now researchers at colleges college london says it's fact your brace administer effect memory and learning in people over 50. sdwroom federal authorities have shut down the nation largest organic peanut butter producer. fda found sal
Nov 21, 2012 9:00pm PST
across the street from the defense ministry. this iet said -- this eyewitness said he thought it was rocket. more than 20 that were wounded they say it was an ide. at least 20 rockets fired out of gaza hours after the deal. >> dan: in gaza tonight, enormous relief. people breaking out into spontaneous celebration. >>> the green flags were raised across the gaza strip. palestinians poured into the streets. >> there is sense of relief on the street but this a victory celebration. after a week of fighting with israel, the palestinians feel like they have won. >> won because for the first time militant groups were able to fire rockets into israel's biggest city, jerusalem and tel aviv. >> do you believe it is a turning point. >> it is huge. >> in the final hours, both sides kept pounding away at each other. israeli air strike leveled this building. naval artillery from the sea and landed close. human cost was huge. here in georgia, 160 dead and 200 wounded. >> dan: back here, heartbreak for a san francisco man already suffering from chronic illness. now someone has stolen his belo
Nov 20, 2012 9:00pm PST
. slick roads mean we need more defensive driving and chp has some good advice for all of us. >> take your time. be patient. want you to leave early to wherever you are going to be going to and also check the road conditions on where you are going. you may going half hour away from home or may traveling 4 or 5 hours. so check the road conditions before you leave. >> at sfo low clouds created low visibility with delayed flights and frayed nerves for holiday travelers. sfo expect more than 3 percent additional travelers this year over last year. >> bit of travel trouble if headed to los angeles international airport. workers there are scheduled to demonstrate tomorrow afternoon prompting warnings for passengers to give themselves a 3 hour concussion on at lax. and extra 90 minutes to get there, too. in the mean time flight attendant at u.s. airway authorized a strike though it is not expected to impact thanksgiving travel because cooling off period is expected to be imposed. attendant upset over contract terms under the merger of u.s. airway and america west airlines. >> as millions of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5